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Why should I enter the 3x3 International Illustration Awards Show?

Our show is considered to be one of the top three international shows for illustration. Unlike other shows we look beyond our borders to invite illustrators from all over the world. Our international panel of judges are some of the top design directors, art directors, graphic designers, editors and illustrators working today. Not only are you being seen by those who commission illustration, as a winner your exposure in our printed annual, online site and digital edition is invaluable.

What areas of illustration are covered in the 3x3 Show?

Since 2003 we have offered a juried show for professional and student illustrators. Our three separate shows include the Professional Show, Picture Book Show and Student Show.

What are the categories for the 3x3 Show?

Unlike any other show we have a multitude of categories. We feel it is more beneficial for illustrators to enter their work in specific categories as opposed to general categories. For example, instead of the broad Editorial category, we break ours down into specific uses i.e. portraits, sports, travel, food, lifestyle and conceptual. See our complete list of categories.

Who can enter the 3x3 Show?

Our show is open to all illustrators at all levels in all countries. In addition art directors, graphic designers, educators, editors and publishers may enter work they have commissioned.

Can I enter more than one show?

Yes. As an example, you may enter a picture book in both our Picture Book Show and the Professional Show in the Book category or many times students enter not only the Student Show but also the unpublished category in our Professional and Picture Book shows.

Is there a limit to how many pieces I may enter?

No, there is no limit.

How are the shows judged?

All judging is done digitally and independently over the span of two weeks. Judges can take as long as they like judging each category, however they do not communicate with other judges. We've found there is undue influence when judging is done in person. Each entry is judged either in or out and it takes a majority of judges’ votes to be accepted into any 3x3 Show. Honorable Mentions must receive at least half our judges’ votes.

What is the criteria given to the judges?

All entries are anonymous; the judges only see an entry number, not a name. Judges don’t care at what point you are in your career—having a recognizable style is no guarantee your work will be accepted. The idea is king, an example of great work is paramount—we’re looking for the one that makes you go, “I wish I had done that.”

What are the judges looking for?

The judges are looking for fresh ideas that enlarge the scope of illustration, further the cause of making illustration relevant among a much larger group of art directors and art buyers. They’re looking for images that engage, that make us think, that make us appreciate more fully the craft of illustration.

Do the judges have a quota for this show?

There is no quota; we let the judges decide how many or how few pieces are in each show.

Who are this year's judges?

Each year we name a show chair who is responsible for selecting our jury panel for each of our three shows. This year's show chair is Bill Mayer. View this year's jury.

What are the prizes?

This year we're awarding all Best of Show winners $1,500 and all Gold medal winners a $750 cash-value award. Total prizes will total over $9,000. So if you're a Best of Show winner in our professional, picture book or student show you'll receive an award of $1500 in US dollars; all Gold medal winners in our three shows will receive a $750 cash-value award. In addition, as a student show winner you'll receive a complimentary digital edition of our 3x3 International Illustration Award Annual which includes all three shows. Winners in our other two shows receive a 33% discount when ordering the Annual. All winners receive a free digital edition.

What are the awards?

Best of Show and Gold medal winners receive our distinctive 3x3x3-inch cube, Silver winners may select to receive a framed award; Bronze and distinctive merit winners are offered free paper certificates. Merit and Honorable Mention winners may request either a pdf or an embossed printed certificate.

Awards are presented to the entrant unless otherwise specified. Additional medals and certificates are available for purchase.

All Winners will be featured in our printed annual, digital edition and online; our Honorable Mentions, online. Winners receive a discount on purchasing a print edition and receive a free digital edition of the annual. A free eBook will be sent to leading art directors and art buyers giving further exposure to all winners.

Can I enter a piece in multiple categories?

Yes, however a separate entry form and entry fee must be submitted for each category.

If I’m a student, can I enter my senior thesis as a Series?

No. Please select individual images to enter as Single entries.

Can you explain what a series is?

A series entry must have a central consistent theme, i.e. editorial article, sequential comic, book. All series will be judged as a whole. In some cases it may be more prudent to enter single entries from a series either in addition to or in lieu of a series.

When is the deadline?

March 23, 2018. Late deadline is March 30, there will be a $10 late fee added to each entry.

Is there an extended deadline?

Yes. If you miss our March 23rd deadline we will add a $10 late fee to each entry (Single or Series). Final deadline is March 30th; no entries will be accepted after midnight New York time on that date.

I’m having difficulty with entering your work, who do I contact?

Please contact us at coordinator@3x3mag.com Or contact us at +1 718 435 4047 during business hours, 10am-5:30pm, New York time.

What are the entry fees?

  • ProShow Fees
  • Single Entry: $35
  • Series Entry (3–5 images with same theme): $60
  • Picture Book Show Fees
  • Single Entry: $35
  • Series Entry (3–5 images with same theme): $60
  • Student Show Fees
  • Single Entry: $15
  • Series Entry (3–5 images with same theme): $35

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. We also accept checks and money orders in US Funds.

I’m having difficulty paying for or uploading my entries, who do I contact?

Please contact us at coordinator@3x3mag.com, we will respond as quickly as possible. Your work will be accepted without penalties.

If I’m a winner what will you use for reproduction?

We will request hi-res RGB files for each winning entry. We will then convert those images given our printer’s CMYK specifications.

When will the winners be announced?

Ninety-days following the deadline of the show. All entrants will receive an email announcement of the winners, winners will be also posted on our web site and announced on social media.

Will I have a chance to update the credits for my winning pieces?

Yes, we will request hi-res files and final credits for all winning pieces.

Is there a publication fee?

Yes, there is a publication fee of $85/entry—whether it’s a Single or a Series winner—to help offset the design, production, printing, distribution of the annual and eBook. Student winners will not pay a publication fee.

Will I receive a copy of the Annual?

Winners in our professional and picture book shows receive a 33% discount on purchasing the Annual and a free digital edition. You may also select a digital edition and avoid the shipping cost.

When will the annual be produced?

The Annual will be produced and distributed in late 2018.

How is the annual distributed?

The Annual is distributed worldwide through our US, Canadian and European distributors at leading newsstands and bookstores. We will also offer the complete Annual online, as well as an digital edition. Digital editions are offered free of charge to art directors.

Will my winning pieces be shown online?

Yes, we will upload thumbnails of all winning images as soon as the Annual is distributed. There will be direct links to your site.

How will you promote my work to art directors?

We offer a complimentary digital edition of the Annual to all art directors which has direct links to your site. We also offer art directors a discount on the purchase of the print edition. There will be an online gallery of winners and announcements on social media and our site as well as press releases to the industry media.

Are there any other benefits to entering your show?

Winners will be invited to participate in our yearly 3x3 Illustration Directory, which is sent free to 6,000 art directors and art buyers in the United States. Along with an online gallery with links to your site and an eBook, this advertising vehicle goes a long way towards fulfilling our mission of attracting more attention to illustration. As a winner you receive a substantial discount for advertising in our Directory.

What's so special about your Directory?

Unlike other directories, ours is curated; you must be invited to be in. Its small size means it's portable. We divide the book into separate categories making it easier for art directors to find what they're looking for. And we limit each illustrator to a single image that our research shows art directors appreciate.

What's the difference between the Annual and the Directory?

The Annual is a juried competition while the Directory is a curated book. The Directory is offered free to art directors in both print and eBook formats. The Annual eBook is free to art directors and they receive a discount on the print edition.

If you have further questions, please contact us at shows@3x3mag.com

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