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Images must 1024 pixels on the longest side, 72 dpi, RGB, jpg
. We will request hires files from all winners for reproduction.

Animation entries must be entered in QuickTime format (.mov) and no larger than 25MB. Animated gifs are also accepted.

For books, comics or graphic novels enter the front cover with title and three to four representative spreads digitally. You may chose to enter all books with or without text, however we do request the cover include the title as published. If you are entering a complex book or prefer entering the actual book, please contact us about the entry procedure.

For websites, submit screenshots of the home page and three to four representative pages.

You may submit a Single entry or a Series (3–5 images)

Note: A Series is 3–5 images in a project. A Series is judged as a single, cohesive project. When entering a Series be sure that the theme is evident. In general these would be projects where there is a singular theme, i.e. a series of editorial portraits. Series that consists of unrelated images will not be considered by the judges. Also Series are judged as a whole—you may want to consider entering one or more images as Single Entries as well. A student's portfolio or thesis is not regarded as a Series.

Questions? Email us.

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